Jumaat, 4 Julai 2008

indie youth fest.....

ha ni stu lg pilihan tuk korang yg masih lg tkde xtvt hujung mggu ni...nmpaknye aku akan dtg gak sini...tp mlm esok la...nk tgk sho estrella.... ni aku paparkan atucara mjlis....dtg la memeriahkannyer....

Title : Independent Youth Festival 2008
Venue : 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Petaling Jaya
Date & Time : Fri 4 - Sun 6 Jul 2008
Tickets : Free Admission
URL : http://www.gointernationalgroup.com/indieYfest
Synopsis : The concept behind the Independent Youth Festival 2008 is to have the youth doing things for themselves, being free to explore and discover things that they are passionate about.

In short, Indie Youth Fest = Music. Art. Spoken Word. Fashion. Video Games. Design. Digital Stuff.

Not just limited to the youth of the nation, everyone is welcome to this 3-day mega festival, which is being held in conjunction with the Electronic Sports World Up 2008 Malaysia.

Pro-gamers and musicians, cartoonists and hard-core console players, 3D artists and cartoonists, even indie filmmakers (Filmmakers Anonymous) are set to convene for non-stop all-day activities!

Here's the line-up:

Fri 4 Jul 2008

5pm - Pesawat
5.30pm - One Buck Short
7pm - Filmmakers Anonymous Screenings
9pm - Doppelganger Open Mic

Sat 5 Jul 2008

4pm - An Honest Mistake
4.30pm - Telephony Delivery
5pm - Superbar
5.30pm - Oh Chentaku
6pm - Army Of Three
6:30pm - Lightcraft


8pm - Tempered Mental
8.30pm - Estrella
9pm - Greenpaver
9.30pm - Deserters

Sun 6 Jul 2008

3pm - Jasmine Low - Readings
3.30pm - Ida Lisa
4pm - Otam
4.30pm - Adi Suwardy
5pm - Rendra Zawawi
5.30pm - Zalila Lee
6pm - Yuna
6.30pm - Mia Palencia


7.30pm - Yuri Wong
8pm - Reza Salleh
9pm - Closing party

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